American Studies – North, South, and Central

The learning of the interdisciplinary field of American society or culture is known as American studies. American studies deal with the study of American history, literature and other diverse fields such as art, science, media, religious studies, sociology, anthropology, archeology, urban studies, and other fields.

Canada, United States of America (US) and Mexico these three independent countries all together formed North America. The North American culture is spread over a huge area. There are various languages spoken by the people of North America in which English is considered as the main language of communication, in US Spanish is the second official language and French language is used by a huge number of people in Canada. Therefore by North American studies you will be able to know the culture, the languages, the geography and everything related to it.

The Study of the history, politics, geography and culture of South America is a diverse study as it has an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers with a huge number of people which is more than 371,090,000. Spanish and Portuguese are the major languages of the South America in which most of the people speak Portuguese. The South American study can help you to know about their religion, cultures, languages, their foods, music etc.

The south of Mexico to North of Colombia is under Central America. Central American Studies will help the students for understanding the Central American Cultures, communities experience, worldviews, social view and economic position.

American study will help a student to think diversely. As all areas of study such as history, geography, literature, politics, music, art, science, religion and so many things are included in American Study it is not possible to be expertise in all of the areas. And it depends on the goals and interests of students in which field they want to go. A student must be able for a lot of reading and writing in this field of studies. And one can find carriers in a multiple fields such as law, journalism, teaching, business, in political sides, in geographical researching, city planning and so on. American studies student can get jobs in private sectors, government agencies in different institutions, projects etc.