The course of planning, designing and constructing that reflects the functional, mechanical, communal, ecological, and visual consideration of a building or other physical structure is known as architecture. The study of architecture involves an assessment of various disciplines that control the built atmosphere. It is the largest prevalent course of university studies, not only to handle the clashing demands of function, artistic, technology and financial system, but are qualified in a range of means of expression such as model-making, drawing, photography, video, digital media, and vocal presentations.

Architecture describes the structure and behavior of a building or any other kind of system that is to be constructed. The profession of architecture can be of different types, such as:

Architect-An architect is a licensed person who is trained from an architecture institute in planning, designing and managing the structure of the building. An architect’s decisions involves public safety, thus an architect must be specialized and experienced to earn a license to practice architecture. Practical, technological, and educational requirements for an architect vary by authority.

Architecture Designer– Architecture designers can be said to be those who are yet not certified as an architect. They are involved  in the designing of the small buildings and landscapes.

Architecture Engineer– Architecture Engineers are both an architect and civil Engineer. They are also known as Building Engineers.

An intellectual tendency and direction is essential to move forward in the profession of Architecture. The job of an architect is not limited to a particular design. they design houses, apartments and colonies, business complexes, hospitals, hotels, airport terminals, sports ground, shopping and business complexes, schools etc. Architects focus on how to make living easy and comfortable for all types of people. There is tremendous growth in this field. Architects provide specialized services to new constructions, modifications and redecorations, etc. of the existing buildings. The job of an architecture is not only attractive but also high paying and it has tremendous potential in terms of growth.