Astronomy and Astrophysics

One of the oldest natural science which deals with study of space objects such as moons, stars, galaxies, nebulae, gamma ray bursts, supernovae explosions, the physics, mathematics and chemistry of these evolution is known as astronomy. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy which deals with the behavior, physical properties and active processes of space objects.  Modern Astronomy is basically called Astrophysics because the scientist basically deals with the field of physics and many astronomers have a graduate degree of physics rather than in Astronomy. Astrophysics field is very broad and it includes many subjects such as electromagnetism, quantum physics, mechanics, statistical mechanics, particle physics etc.

It is a great field where you can explore different things about Universe and you can share your incredible experience with everyone. In this field you can find your future interesting and exciting in which you can explore thrill of scientific discovery about our Universe. It is very fascinating and gratifying subject and general people find interest in it.

Basically Astronomy and Astrophysics falls in the same category and they generally get similar jobs. Astronomers have job opportunities mostly in the field of national laboratories, federal agencies, and astronomy departments at Universities.