Biochemistry or Biological chemistry deals with the study of chemical processes of living organisms, cellular components such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids which performs many of the tasks linked with life.

Molecular biology is closely interrelated with biochemistry. Molecular biology is the study which concerns with the perceptive of relation between the various cell systems and how the DNA, RNA and biosynthesis are regulated in the processes of our life.

Biochemistry helps us to know the chemistry of our life from a complex organism to solo-celled organisms, it is essential to every aspect of the biological sciences. Biochemistry helps us with the understanding of how our life works by providing new thoughts and essentials, derives innovative information how molecular systems functions and maintain the understanding of our health and diseases.

Biochemists have a highly valued and wide range of career options in all of the departments such as agriculture, education, food institutes, cosmetic industries, industrial laboratories, chemical manufacturing, biotechnology, research departments, health and beauty care department, pharmaceutical and many more. Biochemistry is a mutual field which include pharmacology, genetics immunology, bioinformatics, toxicological studies, forensics, environmental science, molecular biology etc. there are endless carrier in this field.