Biology General

The science of our life is generally known as Biology in which we learn about our surroundings living things. Biology is a broad field which divided into many subfields such as zoology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, cytology, embryology, histology, bacteriology, cytology, immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and many other divisions which encompass our life studies.

In general biology we study about the purpose, structure, growth, reduction, development, distribution and biological organism. By the biological study we can learn the importance of cells, the importance of genes which is the basic component of heredity etc. As there are various fields, every field provides knowledge about different characteristics of our life. Molecular biology deals with every complex molecules of our biology. Cellular biology tells about the main unit of our life that is cell. Botany deals with the study of plants, physiology deals with physical and chemical functions of our organs, ecology studies how organs interact with the environment etc.

Now one who don’t want concentrate on a particular subject and wish to discover all the biological factors of our life they can go for the BIOLOGY GENERAL study. If you cannot decide in which particular area of biology you want to go you can focus on the study of general biology by which you can identify your area of interest.

With this field you can grow your future by teaching in school, colleges and universities. With a Master’s or a PHD in this field you can get in the field of biological research. Basically in present days if you specialized in a particular field then it is more beneficial. But a very important factor is that anyone who wants go in the medical or another Specialization field of biology they must have a general knowledge about the Biology.