Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical science focuses on the workings of human body cells, organs and biology, biomedical scientist are often known as medical scientist or biomedical doctor. They find new ways of treatment for the diseases by examining how human body works by developing new analytical tools. Biomedical scientists research by using living organisms in laboratories to perform their experiments. They experiments with animal cells, small organisms such as fish, frog, rats, flies etc, and they participate in various clinical researches.

You can gain your knowledge in the many fields of biology such as pathology which concerned with the analysis of diseases and plays a vital rule in all sides of medicine all through our lives. Physiology which deals with the study of living mechanisms that how organisms functions their physical and chemical systems. Pharmacology studies the different kinds of drugs, how they used and how they can be useful. Molecular biology is the study of biology at molecular level. Microbiology is that which gives the knowledge about microscopic organisms.  Immunology deals with the study of all types of immune system of human body etc.

As a biomedical scientist has the knowledge in many fields of biology they also can choose their field in several departments such as anatomist, animal biochemist, biologist, clinical immunologist, Medical librarian, Pharmacologist and many more. Doubtless that the carrier option for this field is very growing and high. Biomedical scientist basically works in healthcare department and clinical laboratories and they evaluate the efficiency of treatments which plays a very important rule.