Botany and Plant Sciences

A Botany and Plant science is a subject which deals with the study of plant life and it’s a part of biology. This course studies about plant cells, genetics, growth, diseases, environmental stresses on the plant etc. The study of plants for our survival is so much important as it is essential for the basis of our life, it provide the foods, it keeps the natural balance in earth and it’s a great part our environmental science.

We study that how we can protect the survival of plants, how it can be used in biotechnology and provide us foods and shelters. Plants provide us medicines, woods, rubbers, alcohol, foods fuels and the most important thing it provide us is oxygen without which we cannot live. There are various techniques which are used for the study of plants such as optical microscopy, electron microscopy, plant chemistry, cell imaging etc.

As the population of world are increasing day by day the need for foods and shelters are increasing, and it concerns the Government to increase the job outlook for botany and plant sciences for the survival and better uses of our plants. A degree in botany and Plant science can provide you a future in agricultural department, Teaching in schools, colleges and universities, environmental defense agencies, in a botanic garden, government research departments etc.