Campus Life

US universities are always known for their vibrant campus life. Here learning is never restricted to just the four closed walls of a classroom. You would be developed in person as a whole.
Though we find that academics does take up a large part of the time, extra-curricular activities and academic are balanced in a way that attracts students from all parts of the world. The classroom etiquettes and campus life will differ greatly in comparison to any university in any part of the country.

Here are some differences that each international student would face but being wise and aware would help them greatly in enjoying themselves and having a great life and a superb career for them.

1. Classroom differences: Usually education in the US especially in the graduate level is more interactive than in any other country and this might be a little bit of a different experience for those who are accustomed to this kind of education. The best way to cope up with this to train yourself to be an independent learner. One needs to have upfront knowledge of what is expected in their area of study. It helps in students being a way ahead of others.

Here one should realize that the work is not harder but just a little different to what they have faced these years.Students are expected to speak up. They are also expected to dig and explore in their area of study and interact during class hours than just lay back and listen to lectures.

2. Cultural gap in cities: The USA is geographically impossible to define in one single term. There will be a slight difference in social customs and the feeling of time and distance and a whole lot. The distance required to travel could be a pain for quite some time.
Its always therefore a good option to study the area you would be studying in and staying in and little beyond the college town. Till you find friends to travel with and adjust you would feel a little out of the water. Investigating and getting a rough idea for about the distance and the money to be spent is a good idea to be able to enjoy in the states while studying.

3. Cultural differences: When we travel around the world we find cultures varying. It would be alien to us till we learn to live in it. Living within an atmosphere and accepting it to an extent that you would be able to gel and adjust to the mass is the best idea. Same goes for the States.

Studying in the states would mean that you are sure to gain a competitive edge. Lacking knowledge would sometime s be a blame put on you. But them staying ahead of all would mean having enough respect and friends and being ridiculed less. Think again, aren’t you here to study and learn? SO what is the harm in being updated and having upfront knowledge . It will serve both purposes, of being ahead in class and at the same time not having to face ridicule.

It could sometimes be hurtful while trying to cope up but otherwise the US has a very calm and welcoming nature towards international students.