The study of the structures and manners of atoms or elements, the properties and composition and behavior of the substances is all together known as Chemistry. Chemistry is basically a branch of physics which deals with atoms and their interactions between the atoms. It teaches us the bonding of atoms, how it reacts with different substances, the different phases and how it helps to balance our environmental conditions.

It is a fundamental science which affects our everyday life, in our foods, environments etc. Chemistry is something which helps the chemists to produce our everyday materials, chemicals, medicines etc. Water, air, foods all the things are made from chemical reaction. Chemistry has different subfields such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, agro chemistry, chemical engineering and many others. Each concerns with a particular specialized field.

Organic chemistry deals with the study of carbon and carbon compounds and they produce different types of drugs, plastics, fertilizers. Biochemistry deals with the chemistry of living beings. Physical chemistry generally deals with physical substances and with energy, how energy produce, how it can be use, protect and related things. Analytical chemistry deals with the substances, their composition and reaction and their structure. Non-carbonic materials such as metals, electronics are deal with in-organic chemistry.

With a strong background Employment opportunities for the chemists are in a huge number. Depending on their specialized field’s chemists get various opportunities, such as some works in research departments, some works at chemical laboratories for different experiments, some works at medical laboratories, some go in teaching professions and so on.

Chemistry is a very growing field with a huge number of employees and organizations. With an advancement of knowledge, experience and trainings they can earn a huge amount per year. Demands of molecular chemists, biochemists, organic chemists, physical chemists and inorganic chemist are in a vast number.