Chinese Language

Language is the technique of human communication, both spoken and written, consisting of the use of words in an ordered and conservative way. So learning any language is advantageous for expressing yourself. Undoubtedly studying different languages is advantageous professionally.

As one of the oldest, most popular and richer country in the world China has moved itself into a great position. China is about a 5000 year’s old country with a popularity of 1.28 billion. So learning Chinese language is important because it is one of the most extensively spoken languages in the world. One fifth of the people in the world spoke Chinese languages and most of them use the Mandarin Chinese language as it is the most significant language use by more than 1 billion people in China. Mandarin is use by most Chinese communities who live in different countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Mongolia etc.

The economic position of China is in the second position in the world. China has its trading partner nearly in every big countries like US, UK India etc. To compete in the global economy in the future every student should learn every languages and Chinese is ofchief importanceof all. In American companies the demand of Chinese knowing people is very high because most known companies of America do long-term businesses with China.

Not only the economic side, for enjoying the great pleasure of Chinese culture and history and their lifestyle Chinese language is of crucial very significance. Learning other languages develops a vital and inventive thinking skill to a person. Moreover today’s international industries prefer to recruit people who know various well known languages.