Commercial Diving

One of the well-known professions is Commercial Diving. Generally Commercial divers are those who work underwater for construction and repairing structure. Since commercial divers need to have the ability to work under demanding and stressful conditions a commercial diver must be physically fit, energetic and a good swimmer. Commercial divers must have the knowledge in some fields to work underwater such as physics, underwater tools, anatomy, and dive medicines.

Commercial diving also have different areas such as offshore diving, onshore diving, HAZMAT diving and nuclear diving. Most well-known side of commercial diving is offshore diving which deals with the examination and production of gas and oil companies. The nature of the work for onshore or inland diving quite similar to offshore diving and the equipment used is same and it supports engineering based projects. In bridge maintenance, ship buildings, power plants and other inland waterways companies basically need inland commercial divers.

The most dangerous diving in commercial diving is HAZMAT diving and it needs highly skilled and experienced trained staffs. They need to deal with dangerous chemicals such as pulp, oil sludge, fluid cement etc. Difference with the radiation instead of water impurity nuclear diving is quite similar with HAZMAT diving.

In Commercial diving field you can earn a lot of money but getting the first job is quite difficult as one must have a training certificate must have a good knowledge about this field. You can start your carrier in this field by earning $100 per day. Gaining experience is very important in this field to earn more. An experienced commercial diver earns nearly about more than $1000. In this field you may have to go anywhere in the world for construction. The job environment is dangerous, exciting, and adventurous.