Creative Writing

The representation of languages through signs and symbols which is written in pen and paper or some other medium is known as writing. Now creative writing is something which goes beyond normal writing skills, which express writer’s opinion and feelings in a better artistic, imaginative, unique and in innovative way. Both fictional and non-fictional feature such as stories, poems, novels, biographies, short stories etc fall in the category of creative writing.

Creative writing gives information in a clear and innovative way and helps to improve the writing skills and intelligence. Using creative writing skills author can easily attracts the readers, because creative writing comes from our deep inside of soul and mind. Creativity is something which you cannot write by forcing yourself, while writing a creative feature let lead your creative ideas lead in the writing.

Creative writing develops self confidence and expressiveness about writing, encourages our creativity and imagination and improves skills and other areas also. Creative writers also get jobs in many fields like in journalism, publishing house, in editing, book binding, salesmen, etc. Creative writers and authors have a growing demand in the present day in various fields of writing such as in online media, technical writing, advertising copywriter, script writer, speech writer, poet, specification writers and so on.