The study of social science is known as Economics, which deals with the construction, distribution and utilization of the goods and services.  It focuses on how financial system works and how the trading agents act with the economic positions. 

They study the technique of how and where a resource can be used for the maximum benefit, how the organizations can compete with the present market and can maximize the business profit. They keep the record of the value of the market, how the prices should be fixed for the goods and services, how the taxes and guideline should be fixed based on the financial values, upward and downward monetary condition of market everything related to the economic position.

Economics is a very attractive field for the students who want to move their future in the social study. Basically it’s a theory based subject in which you have to know about the policy and structure of the market social position. You have to deal with a variety of fields while studying such as politics, laws, finance, accounting, history and business related knowledge because all the things are related.

Economist has to record all the changes of economic position of market, the decrement and increment in stock market, the changing policy of the government, present and past history of the trading market etc.

Economics is a field in which you can get a plenty employment opportunities with a bachelor degree in hand.  Many students who graduated in this field move into other related profession such as in banking, finance, in government jobs, teaching profession, in businesses, in financial journalism.