Geography is all together the study of earth, population, features, lands, water etc. Human geography and physical geography is the two main subordinate of Geography. Human biology focuses on the environment of how human view, makes, manages and influence space. The natural environment is examine by Physical geography such as how organisms, landforms, water, weather etc produce and interrelates with environment.

Geography is very huge and astonishing field, and thousands of researchers are functioning in this field throughout the world.  Geography in its huge sense functions with many things and gives us information about the places and society in which we live, the difficulty, the global and local changes of our natural environment, the interconnection between our communities and world.

For today’s student carrier, geography is very major and attractive subject which have a growing carrier option. As the geography includes both arts and science, it excites them very divers carrier opportunities. Geography students can extends their studies in more specialized fields such as in planning or education which drives them carrier opportunities in wide range of fields such as environmental technology planning, education research department, climatology department, Environmental stewardship initiatives, Public transport management and planning and so on. They can move into private and public sectors and also in Government jobs.