The study of Earth, the resources by which it is composed is known as the Geology. Geology also refers the study of any celestial body such as moon, stars etc. Geology learns about the history of the earth, the changing of the earth’s equipments, processes, construction and all organisms.

To decode the earth’s history and the facts that occur in the earth, geologists use a number of laboratories centre, fields and different methods. This study is important because it predicts and understands the natural exposure, the changing of the weather, environmental troubles etc. Geologist also study about the rivers, soils, land and investigate on different issues like geophysical methods, current and past records so that they can identify how the past events can influence on present and near future.

Geologist can draw or recognize the upcoming natural hazards which can happen in the future such as the earthquakes, floods, landscapes, volcanic explosion etc which helps to determine where should be the protection for this natural hazard should apply. Most of the geologists are associated with rock or material studies as rocks provide the most of the geologic record of earth.

If you complete a four year bachelor degree course in geology then you can get a satisfying and interesting carrier. Geologists have carrier opportunities in various fields such as government agencies, environmental companies, and natural resource companies. A master’s and doctorate degrees in geology can provide you higher level job opportunities in the administrative position, in research works or a professor job in universities. The earnings of a Geologist is very great, it can be ranged from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.