The study of past events is known as history. History is important because it helps us to know the past events by which we can avoid our present mistakes. It helps us to know how the society is come up to in which we are surviving and we can identify the difference between an individual and cultures.

With the study of history you can develop and enhance your knowledge about different phases of people life. You will learn about the politics, wars, social relations, and religion in different era. Understanding history is important because tells the history of change in human life, how life is changing time by time and how people accepted all the changes. History tells us about the wars and fighting’s which our ancient have faced and survived.

The study of history is wide-ranging and one can study in a particular region. It can sometimes classify as the part of humanities and social sciences. History teaches us the value of our life. Knowing history of an individual can inspire us and our future generation.

Students can acquire high-level skills by studying history. One can enhance his communication, thinking skills, writings, analysis etc. There is history behind everything and it has several branches also such as cultural history, economic history, world’s history, women’s history, ancient history, art history, human history, natural history, military history etc. Each field tells about the different past story of them.

Studying history can brought you job carriers in various fields such in teaching for secondary, elementary, in historic sites, different research departments such as museum and chronological organizations, Cultural Resources organizations and Historic defenses etc.