The rules and guidelines of a system which is made by government and forced by the communal organization to direct the behavior can be termed as law. It is official mechanism that is made to govern civilization and to manage the activities of human beings. Law is something which must be maintained by everyone who lives in a society. There are laws for every field such is workplaces, sports, social clubs, in games, schools and everywhere.

Laws are imposed by the courts and if you go beyond any rule or if you break a law you may enforced by the court to pay for it or it can be happen that for a severe rule breaking you may have to go to the jail. Basically laws are made for a structured society people so if you don’t live in a structured society you don’t have to maintain any kind of laws. Law is necessary for our society to ensure a safe and calm society in which every bodies rights is respected. Our personal property, our lives and business affairs are regulated by laws so that people remain to fulfill their promises.

Another important thing is that a law should be fair and should be made by keeping in mind humans rights and freedoms. Providing benefits to working people for their healthcare, loans and other bonus system is only made by the laws. A lots of tolerance and pressure and logical skills is needed to make a carrier as lawyer. Hard work and dedication is a main key in the field of law.

With a high range of job opportunities a law graduate can make a wonderful carrier. Experienced law graduate can work in various departments such as they can become a solicitor general, advisor for a variety of organizations, a public prosecutor etc and they can earn a lot of amount annually.