A highly skilled health care professional dealing with the caring of an individual, group of peoples, families and societies are known as nurse. They use the ability of caring with the knowledge of science and skills for caring the patient and help them to recover from their diseases. 

Nursing is a job with responsibilities and rewards. Nursing teaches one about the patient’s health and how to encourage the patient about their health condition and about the clinical processes. Nurses learn how to appraise a patient, and the different symptoms of some diseases, how to state the condition of a patient to the doctor, how to take bloods and so many things related to health care which you will learn in your diploma or BSC program.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) states that the protection, optimization, and promotion of health and capability, and prevent the illness and injuries and sufferings of individuals is the job of the nurse.

It takes minimum of four years for completing a bachelor degree in nursing. Many do a diploma in nursing and start their carrier. There are many Nursing schools, colleges, colleges, online study centers and universities available where you can start your learning carrier as nursing.

Nursing is a very demandable education and nurses have long lasting carriers in this field not only in national but also worldwide. Nursing can provide a carrier in lot of fields including public and private hospitals, in nursing homes, prisons, community settings etc.