Prepare for college

Work-study programs can be a great way to earn money for college while you are in school. You will usually be required to work for a specific number of hours per week and you would have the money you need to earn and this will help you prepare for a small part of the fund required for college. In this way you will be relieving a lot of financial pressure off your back during your college days.

Not only that, the benefits of work-studyis that you earned the money you worked for and alos it taught you valuable work skills that will surely help you in your college degree and in your future career.

The drawbacks, of course, are that you’ll have to take time from your studies and your social life to work, which can mean a lot of juggling and a bit of sacrificing of your free time. But once again, this painful process is worth it as you would be securing money for education thus getting a better job.

Here are key questions to ask if you’re offered a work-study assignment:

• Does each college student have to find a jobor are jobs offered to them during campusing?
• How are job assignments made?
• How many hours per week am I to be working?
• What will I be paid per hour?
• How and when would I be paid?

Get a counselor to answer all your queries or connect you to the financial aids department of colleges.