The study of the mental functions, actions and manner of a person is psychology which explores the personality, emotion, dedication, concentration, brain performance, interpersonal relationship, the feeling and thinking of a person. It is devoted to the estimation and treatment of human mental health issues and it is intended towards the understanding of human activities and solving the problem. It includes different areas of study, such as Biological, Clinical, Cognitive, behavioral, evolutionary, humanistic etc.

Psychology is materialized from biology, and psychologist focus on the biological view of a person that how a person’s brain influence his behavior or what changes occurs a damage in the brain, how the genetics difference influence the personality and behavior of a person. A psychologist must have the knowledge of some biological part as there are not a much part included in this, the major parts such as knowledge about brain, genetics, and nervous systems etc.

Clinical psychology deals with evaluating and diagnosing the mental illness of a person, they understand, prevent and retrieve the distresses of a person. Basically Clinical psychologist works in mental health centers, in hospitals, psychology clinics. They also go in the research departments, teaching, and in private sectors etc.

The main area of Cognitive psychologists is to study the cognition, thinking, and learning the different mental activity of a person. They operate the information of how human mind works, processed and utilize and how it differ from the computer and machines. Learni9ng the different behavior of a person is the job of a behavioral psychologist.

Evolutionary psychologist studies the evolutionary purpose and how human nature behaves on the evolutionary purposes, natural processes etc. Studying the self-actualization is the main perspective of a humanistic psychology. They study how human changes their mind, behaviors, how they grow etc.