The study of collection, investigation, organization and arrangement of data is known as statistic. It is the science in which one can plan, measure, control, communicate and experiment uncertainties. Statistics basically is a mathematical science which related to the explanation, interpretation and presentation of data.

By developing particular experiments and survey samples statisticians enhances the data quality. Statistics helps to provide the tools by which statisticians can predict and forecast the using of data in different social and natural sciences. Statisticians solve our real life problems by extracting and observing information.

Nearly in every field statisticians are needed such as in Biology, economics, engineering, marketing, education, psychology, medicine, public health, genetics, sports and other so many fields. Statisticians apply their statistical thinking for the measurement of scientific, social and business activities. Statisticians are mostly needed in the field of meteorology, oceanography, and genetics.

Without statistical techniques many social, economical, and political decisions cannot be made. Which information can be reliable for an organization or which forecast can be trusted is recommended by the statisticians who provide their special guidance in determining various decisions.

The growth in statistics field is in a huge rate in business departments as well as in government sectors throughout the world. The students are showing interests in this field in recent years in secondary schools and colleges. Statisticians use their analytical skills for solving various uncertain problems and these skills growing their demand in the market nearly in every field.

Being a environmental Statistician you can get a job in environmental research centers, in medical departments for the experiments of new treatment, healthcare companies, insurance companies, in market research departments, in economical research etc.