Study Abroad

What are the minimum requirements? Am I eligible to study abroad?
In order to participate in any study abroad program you must have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and you must not be on Academic Warning. These are the general eligibility requirements for the UVA student body, students must also adhere to any requirements set by the schools they have been accepted by. Please note that program specific admissions requirements may differ. You must meet all requirements.

If you have a GPA lower than 2.5 at the time of leaving you will not be granted credit for a study abroad experience. You would also not be legitimate to use Financial Aid for the program. A petition may be filed through your Association Dean, and these petitions are rarely approved.

Students on Academic Warning at the time of departure are not permitted to study abroad nor transfer study abroad credits.

Can I study abroad with my major?

Definitely you can. Anyone can take up majors abroad. There is a wide selection of subjects that you can choose from. You can have an academic advisor to assist you in classifying the best study programs for you. Begin your serach as early as possible to get the best options available so that you would be in a hurry at the end of it.

Will I be able to study abroad AND graduate in four years?

Yes you can. Programs are offered for January Term, Summer, Semester, and Year.

I’m an international student at UVA, am I able to study abroad? What do I need to be aware of?

International students at UVA must meet the eligibility requirements just like all other UVA students. You should research any additional visa regulations for the country in which you study.

Immigration regulations have become sticter and you must be fully aware of the i

Due to stricter immigration regulations and visa delays, you must be fully aware of the consequences for traveling outside USA and delays in returning. All international students must meet with an international student advisor before registering for a study abroad program and before any fees are paid in order to be fully informed.

I have special needs (physical, learning, psychological, medical). Can they be accommodated abroad?

The International Studies Office is dedicated to assisting all students pursue international experiences. Students with special needs should begin research and planning long before the predicted time they plan to fly abroad to study.

What kind of credit can I earn abroad?

You will earn either Direct Credit or Transfer Credit from their study abroad experience.

How long can I study abroad?

Study abroad programs are available for January Term, Summer, Semester, and Year.
Once you are comfortable linguistically, culturally, socially–it was time to return home you will yourself be able to decide which would be best term for you to stay abroad and study.

What’s the timeline for applying?

The applications are generally due the semester prior to studying abroad. Students should be keenly aware of the timeline as it can vary greatly from program to program.

I don’t have much money, how much does it cost?

Refer to pay for education for a detailed information on this.

Can I use my financial aid for studying abroad?

Yes! Financial aid is “portable” and can be applied to approved study abroad programs. Refer to pay for education for a detailed information on this.

Are there scholarship opportunities for studying abroad?
Scholarships for study abroad are available from a number of sources. The best part for scholarships and grants is that one would not need to repay this amount unlike the loans you apply for.Refer to pay for education for a detailed information on this.